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Mortgage 101: What Is A Title?


Have you heard of a title but aren’t sure what it is? A title gives someone the right or claim to own something. In the case of buying a house, a title is required to claim ownership of property or land. To learn more about this and other aspects of buying a house, call us…

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Options For All Credit Scores


Do not let your credit scores discourage you. Whether your credit is perfect or less than perfect, we can help you find a tailored mortgage solution. I can give you free advise on ways to help raise your scores in a short amount of time or give you a blue print to what needs to…

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Let Us Serve You! VA Loans


It’s our turn to serve you. Let us guide you through an easier mortgage process and help save you money with one of our VA loan programs. In fact by being close to a local Air Force Base we deal with VA loans on a daily basis making us a true expert on the VA…

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We Focus On One Thing, Mortgage Loans!


We focus on one thing mortgage loans! We are experts in the mortgage world. Whatever level of mortgage knowledge you have, our experts can take you a step further. Rather than get frustrated with all the information online, call us today for more information on what you need to purchase a a home. We are…

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Do You Know About Gift Options?


Don’t have enough money for a down payment? No worries — you can still purchase a home! Use money from a wedding, family, and etc. You can obtain a gift from family to put towards a down payent. Explore your gift options with us and reach out for more information. We are better, quicker, and…

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Yes Way, FHA!


FHA mortgage insurance premiums have just been lowered from 0.85% to 0.55%. That means average savings of $800 a year. With an FHA loan, you can get a great mortgage rate even without perfect credit with as low as 3.5% down. We are better, quicker, and local mortgage brokers located in in Fairfield, California. We…

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What Can Home Warranties Cover?


National Home Warranty Day reminds us to protect the vital appliances and components of our homes. Check out the list of items a home warranty could cover. We are better, quicker, and local mortgage brokers located in in Fairfield, California. We offer low mortgage rate options for a purchase loan or refinance. We serve all…

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Mortgage Myth Busted


Myth: You need a 20% down payment to buy a house. The truth is, you can buy a home with as little as 3% down! We have several loan options. Call me today to learn more. We are better, quicker, and local mortgage brokers located in in Fairfield, California. We offer low mortgage rate options…

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Achieve the Perfect Balance


If you have at least 25,000+ in credit card debt, refinancing may be the key to lower your overall monthly payment. Keep your term the same while modifying your loan to fit your current budget — it’s the perfect balance. Call today to learn how you could potentially save thousands in interest. We are better,…

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